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The 25 Worst Neighborhoods In The United States

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#25-N Lobdell Ave and Harry Drive in Baton Rouge, LA

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This suburban area has your chances at being a victim of a violent crime at one in fifteen. Since the majority of residents are living below the poverty line, the current rental rate is almost 65% lower than most rental rates in Louisiana, which will unfortunately attract a crowd you more than likely don’t want to be involved with.

#24-S Pulaski Rd and Saint Louis Ave in Chicago IL

pulaski 24

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Surprisingly, this densely populated area has higher real estate price and rental property rates. It might be due to the abundance of historic buildings in the area, even though living here you risk a one in fourteen chance at being a victim of a violent crime.

#23-Clara Ave and Saint Louise Ave in St Louis, MO



Once again, your chances of becoming a victim in this neighborhood is one in fourteen, and the lack of upkeep of real estate on these streets not only makes the place look bad, but also encourages crimes such as theft and vandalism.

#22-Atlantic St SE and 4th St SE in Washington DC



Washington DC is already one of the top ten cities in the United States where gun violence occurs, but this urban neighborhood sees a turn over rate of residents at 97% higher than the rest of the nation. Not knowing who your neighbors are can leave you weary, but when they are consistently changing, it’s probably a sign that the area isn’t a place people like to linger.

#21-Lapeer Ave and E Genesse Ave in Saginaw, MI



Most of the houses in the area were not built after 1939, and have not been kept up with. Low rental rates and low housing attracts a higher rate of criminals, and puts the crime rate here at 73 out of every 1,000 people.

#20- S Indiana Ave and E 60th St in Chicago, IL

20 sindiana

20 s indianaa

Chicago’s murder rates have been on the rise since 2004, and for some reason moving closer to the water increases the probability you will be the one in thirteen to be affected by a violent crime.

#19-E Jackson Ave and Autumn Ave in West Memphis, AR


19autumnaThe income level per household in this area is less than 92% than the national average, and since the early 2000’s arson rates have been on the rise. Crime rates in this neighborhood are 76 to every 1,000 people.

#18-N Rockton Ave and W State St in Rockford, IL

18 rocktona

18 rocktonWhat makes this neighborhood so dangerous is the rate of assaults have more than doubled in a year alone, not to mention arson has been on the rise since 2004. Chances of being a victim are also one in thirteen.

#17-N 24th St and Ames Ave in Omaha, NE

17 ames

17 amesaOmaha, Nebraska has unfortunately seen a rise in both auto thefts and burglaries, making the violent crime rate almost 77 affected out of every 1,000 people.

#16-Central Pky and Central Ave in Cincinnati, OH

16parkwayaCincinnati has a high number of renters, with real estate prices being exceptionally high in an area where the average household income is almost 98% lower than the rest of the nation. Chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime here are one in twelve.

#15-E Oliver St and N Broadway in Baltimore, MD



Baltimore has earned its reputation: the rates of murders, rapes and thefts have all been increasing in the last year or so. The crime rate in this particular neighborhood is 80.5 out of every 1,000 people. Those odds are best avoided.

#14-NE 36th St and N Martin Luther King Ave in Oklahoma City, OK

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In Oklahoma City, the rates of murders and rapes have both risen, as well as robberies and assaults. Over half the families living here live below the poverty line, and the chances of being a victim are one in twelve.

#13-Caseyville Ave and N Park Drive in East St. Louis, IL

13 caseyville

13 caseyville2While the rates of robberies have lowered, East St. Louis has seen an extravagant rise in assaults. They have more than quadrupled in the last year. The majority of residents in this neighborhood happen to be college aged, which happens to be the same age group of those who would commit violent crimes.

#12-Conti St and Marias St in New Orleans, LA


12 contiNew Orleans doesn’t have the best reputation. With many of the residents still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina, poverty is rampant throughout the city. Paired with the constant flow of visitors, which make for easy victims of theft and rape, it’s best to steer clear of this area when searching for a home.

#11-W Jeffries Fwy and Seebaldt St in Detroit, MI

11 jeff and seabaldt

11 jeff and seabaltDetroit is another city that has a reputation that precedes it. The local government has declared bankruptcy, which puts the local economy in limbo. On top of that, auto theft has been on the rise. A resident’s chance of being a victim of a violent crime is one in twelve.

#10-Whitman Park in Camden, NJ

10 whitman

10 whitman (2)In Camden, murders, rapes and robberies have all seen an increase in rates in just the last few years. This urban neighborhood also has a crime rate of almost 85 victims out of every 1,000 people.

#9-Braoadstreet Ave and Cortland St in Detroit, MI


9 broadstreetWhat makes this particular neighborhood unsettling is the high rate of real estate vacancies. Almost 46% of homes are sitting empty, giving criminals more than an opportune chance of trespass and hiding out. Or to use one for a meeting house for illegal activities like drug deals or gambling.

#8-Wyoming St and Orangelawn St in Detroit, MI


8 wyomingYet another neighborhood in Detroit, except this one’s crime rate is about 86 victims to every 1,000 people. That’s quite the increase from neighborhoods that are just literally a few minutes away.

#7-Orange St and W Broad St in Rochester, NY

7 orange

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Unfortunately, Rochester has seen a rise in not only murder rates, but rapes, robberies and assaults as well. A resident’s chance of becoming a violent crime victim rises to one out of every eleven people here, so it’s best to look elsewhere for housing.

#6-Chelsea Ave and N Claybrook St in Memphis, TN

6 chelsea

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In Memphis, this neighborhood has a high rate of single mothers, over 90% higher than the rest of the United States. A higher rate in single mothers usually indicates higher rates of poverty and crime, which are both pretty high in this particular area as well.

#5-7th St and E Jefferson St in Rockford, IL

5 jefferson

5 jefferson (2)Another neighborhood in Rockford, this particular area is almost at 90 victims out of every 1,000 residents. What makes this entry so unique is that the neighborhood is right next to a hospital and almost stretches to the other side of the river.

#4-E Holland Ave and E Genesee Ave in Saginaw, MI

4 east holland

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The second entry for Saginaw, the crime rate jumps up to almost 94 victims per 1,000 residents in this neighborhood. Strangely enough, this area has a higher percentage of people employed in the military, and also single mothers, and violent crime ratings are rampant.

#3-Mcdaniel St SW and Mary St SW in Atlanta, GA

3 mcdaniel

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Atlanta has seen an increased rate of assaults the last few years, and puts a resident’s chance of being a victim of a violent crime at one in ten, which are scary odds considering the dense population the city has.

#2-James Buchanan Dr and 1st St in Jackson, TN

2 e.holland

2 e.holland (2)Jackson, TN claims that out of every 1,000 people almost 98 of them are victims of the crime rates. Even though the real estate prices are higher, they tend to be for small apartments and one-bedroom houses, making home ownership less probable and all the more likely that future residents will end up with renters as neighbors. Renters mean higher turn over rates, which means never being quite sure of who exactly is next door.

#1-City Center in East St. Louis, IL

1 east city

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The top entry on the list, City Center in East St. Louis makes up a huge portion of East St. Louis to begin with. This neighborhood also has a multitude of red flags-the amount of single mothers is over 99% higher than the rest of the nation, and the amount of children living in poverty is over 75%. The chance of becoming a victim of a crime here is one in ten, or 100 people out of 1,000 residents.